WW2 Finnish Army Fur Cap Model 39-Dated 1944
July 21, 2015
Finnish Army Sidecap M39 Engineers/Signal violet piping
July 21, 2015
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WW2 Finnish Army M36 Field Cap-Dated 1942


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Finnish Army Field Cap Model 36. Diagonal type good quality wool. Dark grey liner, with ink stamps: V.L. for factory, int42 for year, 58 for size. Also stamped SA and M. Very hard to see in daylight because of black on dark grey, see blue-tinted images taken in Blacklight/UV-light, all clearly visible! Green bakelite buttons with steel eyes. Painted blue and white tin plate national cockade for Enlisted/NCO ranks. Cockade is sewn to place because of broken pronges, very common frontline repair. Black cloth sweat band.