Japanese Cased China Incident Medal with Award Document
July 4, 2017
2600th National Anniversary of Imperial Rule Commemorative Medal
July 4, 2017
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Japanese Cased Order of the Sacred Treasure, 8th Class




The Order of the Sacred Treasure (“Zuihosho”), established in January of 1888, was awarded to either military or civilian personnel for long service with good conduct. It came in eight classes, of which the lowest two could be given to enlisted personnel.

The die-struck silver medal takes the form of an eight-pointed star whose points terminate in small circles, with even smaller circles marking the intersections of the edge lines, forming a stylized necklace. To the center is a raised, silver “mirror” against a pebbled background. These are the “sacred treasures” from which the award takes its name: the “Yata” mirror, representing purity and wisdom, and the “Yasakani” jewels, which represent benevolence, obedience and affection. Its otherwise featureless reverse has four kanji characters impressed to it, translating to “Order of Merit Decoration.” A perforated ball is to the top of the medal’s uppermost point, through which passes the ribbon’s suspension ring. Fed unto the ring is a 4cm wide, watered ribbon, in light blue, which has a vertical orange stripe on either edge. The ribbon is folded in a triangular fashion, and it has an elongated, vertical alloy hook is to its top, which folds down and mates with an alloy eye sewn near the base of its reverse. Comes complete with its original presentation case.